Monday, July 11, 2016

Weekend Work on the Wild Rose Victorian

West Wall/Ceiling


Spinning my camera around the perimeter of the room . . . Brother Will trowels on 2nd coat of drywall mud--getting the ceiling smoother with each pass . . .

 Southwest Corner

 Southwest Corner - Abe, Geo, and Ben watched and applauded Will's ceiling work.

North wall/ceiling and the big yellow rolling scaffold.  You have to be limber (like a monkey) to climb the big yellow beast.

North wall/ceiling
See the bottle of water to the right sitting on the scaffold.  Will uses it to keep his trowel working the drywall mud smooth and clean.

Will stops to clean his pan and trowel between batches of mud.  He's so picky--but then again he owns a commercial and residential cleaning  business, Amazing Cleaning Services.  He wears a lot of his business T-shirts "Be Amazed" ACS Amazing Cleaning Services 715-570-2497.

I am a short person, 5'1" so it takes a big ladder to get to the high spots--taping the vestibule.  Last month I was on a shorter ladder and fell.  On a short ladder--it is easy to over-extend, but it also has to do with wearing bi-focals.  Easy to miss-judge that last step climbing down.  Ooops!  

 A person can get kind of silly when doing repetitive work like this.  My silly thought is this:  I like the green web tape.  My next favorite is blue web tape, and my least favorite is white web tape.  There is no difference other than color--but when I take photos the green tape shows up better.  
I like green tape.

You may have noticed the 2 shallow closets with louvered doors on either side of the stained glass window to the right.  Will decided they will stay put.  There is no other spot for hanging up a coat or two, so these two closets have some good function.  

While my brother Will troweled the living room ceiling, I stayed out of his way and worked on the taping hairline cracks, and washing away excess glue film off the walls.  

Northwest Corner of Vestibule

Second half of Saturday workday--troweling on Durabond 90 hand mixed mud over the web tape to make a smooth repair.

Front Door View - Inside the Vestibule

Southwest Corner of the Vestibule

Stained Glass Window in the Vestibule

Wall Repairs in area below chair rail - Vestibule

The big yellow scaffold parked in front of the living room doorway.  Will temporarily removed the second stained glass door (vestibule to living room).  This helps me get in and out of the vestibule with my tall orange ladder.

Will works evenings on the house until 8:00p.  The first month of work is history--went through 3 bags of Durabond 90 and 3 rolls of web tape to repair cracks in the living room, office, and vestibule. 

The weekend of July 23-24 is Wild Rose Days.  We'll be at the Victorian working, and there will be a sign at the front door to let you know we'd like you to come in and see the restoration progress.  Bring your own cold soda, camera, and watch us work.  


Donna said...

Amazing steady progress. I am enjoying reading the narrative and the step by step process.

Mrs. D said...

Hi Donna. Yes, yes, we are definitely moving forward on the walls in the living room, vestibule, and office. The best is yet to come.