Thursday, August 4, 2016

Man Cave - Lower Level

This is my brother Will's  MAN CAVE (family room) 
 located in the lower level of the Wild Rose Victorian House. 

Master Electrician Bill Rotta and his crew finished their work in the man cave last week.  New pot lights, new receptacles.  Great job.  Bill looks so familiar to me, then I realized he looks like a younger version of Mark Cuban, the billionaire.  He laughed when I told him that.

 Just days ago, my brother Will spent three days filling the wall cavities with insulation, then covered the insulated walls a clear vapor barrier.  Back in the day when our father Gale was a building contractor--he always referred to the plastic vapor barrier as visqueen.  I don't know if Visqueen was a brand name, but that term always stuck in our brains.  

The drywall/painting contractor JEREMY SIMON and his crew began work this week on the MAN CAVE.  Looking at the right of the photo you can see through the doorway, the stairs leading up to the older part of the Wild Rose Victorian House.  

Jeremy and his crew are doing a fabulous job.  It is perfection!

They are a well-organized crew.  Knowledgeable and steadfast--they get right down to their craft to produce excellence.  This complete turn from a dark cave to a first rate MAN CAVE is happening in only a few days time.  Oh my, what a beautiful job Jeremy and his crew did for Will.  

While talking to my brother Will by phone Tuesday night, he told me . . . you won't believe how beautiful it is.  Jeremy is making my MAN CAVE look so fantastic.  All that tough stuff of getting it perfect around the fireplace.  It is what it is, it's perfect.

Light fills the space.  To the left, the entire west wall are windows.  

 Pink paper protects the slate floors during the insulation/drywall process.

This is a neat tool!  Run, Jeremy, run.

Crew member Matt sands drywall mud to get ready for a knock down spray finish to happen on Thursday August 4 (today).  

After the drywall knock down finish--the walls and ceiling will be primed, followed by painting of the ceiling in off/white.  Wall color will be cut-in and painted by Will and me, but not until after he buys some living room furniture.  

While the contractors worked in the MAN CAVE yesterday --I was upstairs hand-troweling drywall mud over the wall crack repairs in the OFFICE.  That pretty room with the stained glass windows!

Yesterday--the office upstairs was a toasty 90 something degrees plus two fans going while I worked.  I finished three walls (first coat of mud).  

The fourth north wall is mostly covered with book cases,  but has the most severe wall cracks to repair.  Jeremy is going to help me out with those, to minimize my work.  That's so nice of him to help me because it is a tough area for a short person like me to maneuver even with a tall ladder.  I have to reach up and over the tall cabinet to apply the mud.  

The second coat of drywall mud for the office I will do this weekend, then priming.  Also, I need to finish hand sanding woodwork, and then prime.  At that point, we can get down to the brass tacks of finishing the office in a grey and linen color scheme.  Abe, and Ben, and George think it's cool.

Abraham Lincoln
office artwork

Benjamin Franklin
Office - artwork

George Washington
Living Room over the fireplace mantle - artwork

My brother Will's move-in date is September 1.  Wow, that will be here before we know it!