Sunday, May 22, 2016

Dining Room

View of Dining Room 
from Living Room

Two windows facing the street

Odd open concept wall between dining room and kitchen

Descending stairway, looking at street side windows

To the right is under the stairs storage closet, and short hallway into the kitchen

I'll return to the house first week of June to take more photos and planning meeting with owners to address restoration plans and project timeline.

Saturday, May 21, 2016

Beautiful Stained Glass Windows - Reviewing the Office

Entrance to Office through
Double Doors in Living Room

Slate Window Seat in Office

Detail of Office Windows

Walls are ready for web tape, durabond, hand towel drywall compound to smooth, sand, prime, and two coats of quality paint.  My experience--it takes a month to do a room this size.  There are four windows in the office.  I would guess the ceilings in the house are 11 ft.  

Original woodwork is painted.

The Office (4th window) next to build in cabinets

Cabinets appear to be modern built-ins

Walls are ready for restoration

Looking at the Kitchen

Plan to remove odd door from the dining room into the kitchen

Small "L" of the kitchen is workable and includes nice built in hutch

Bay window to the west offers lots of daylight.

"L" shaped kitchen.  Lower cabinets--the left one is full depth.  
Whereas, the other lower cabinet is shallow with inside shelves for spices, and still makes room for a dishwasher.  Full lower cabinet under kitchen sink.  Far right is refrigerator space.

Across from Kitchen sink are lower cabinets/drawers either side of stove.

The stove is old, and the cabinets are 38" deep and choke out a lot of the kitchen floor space.  

The remedy is to cut down cabinet depth to standard of 25".  Remove old stove and exhaust.   Install new stove, new exhaust hood, new kitchen countertops.  Floor tiles are in good shape.  

Odd open concept wall for a Victorian.  The stairway wall/railing is open from the dining room.

Odd Angle Passage Door from Kitchen to the Dining Room
Better flow without the door

This wall separates kitchen from hall and stairway going to lower lever. 
I understand the concept of opening the wall to add light, but the wire mesh is scary looking.
I wonder, what are the options?

So glad the original woodwork remains.


Welcome to Dr. Alfred Carey's Victorian Home in Wild Rose, Wisconsin.

Lovely home with many stainglass windows

Living Room Fireplace

Double Doors into Front Bedroom

The living room has four doorways--leading to other parts of the house.
This passage door leads to back bedrooms, kitchen, and stairs to the lower level.

View from the Living Room into the Office

View from Living Room into Dining Room